Using a Heart Monitor During My workouts!

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My trainer Nancy Dickinson has been telling me for close to a year to get a REAL workout heart monitor. And frankly I didn’t want to spend the money. I thought it was a WASTE of time and money. Plus, the treadmills at the gym have monitors built into the equipment.

Well about 3 week ago my friend, Patty White, a WORLD CLASS Elite Athlete gifted me a POLAR Monitor. This was her way of helping me train more efficiently for my upcoming Mt Kilimanjaro climb June 17, 2012. Thank you Patty White!

Every Friday I go up to Mt Charleston with my friend George Callens and we climb a different trail. It’s all about the preparation for Mt Kilimanjaro. The results on the POLAR meter above were taken after we climbed the Rain Tree trial, a 6 mike hike up to about 10,500. It was an AWESOME hike! I burned 1717 calories during this hike.

My trainer Nancy Dickinson was THRILLED that I got this new POLAR monitor. I can start tracking my heart rate and calories more accurately. WOW! I’ve seen a HUGE difference my workouts and training in just the first week!
I TOTALLY get it now! Lesson learned! I use it EVERY DAY and TRACK EVERY Result.

In the midst of my sponsor search, I came across BodyMedia, another EXCELLENT workout monitor. I had a GREAT chat with them over the phone and they too are VERY interested in my Mt Kilimanjaro climb. I am just getting my BodyMedia monitor set up. I’ll be using it starting this weekend. I look forward to taking my BodyMedia monitor up the Mt Charleston this week!

BOTTOM LINE: If you are just starting to workout, listen to your trainer and get a monitor ASAP!

For now, I will be using both monitors because the offer different things. I’ll keep you posted on my finding with both monitors.

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

Robby Climbed Mt Charleston Over The Weekend!

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Robby LeBlanc’s Mount Kilimanjaro Climb With Werner Berger is Just Under 2 Months Away! AND… Every Week of Training Between Now and Then Counts!

This past Friday, my friend George Callens and I climbed Mary Jane Falls on Mt Charleston. At the top of this path it’s about 9100 feet. There was still SNOW at the top! I believe there are 6 or 7 hiking trails on Mt Charleston.

The degree of difficulty of each hiking trail varies from EASY to EXTREMELY Strenuous. Mary Jane Falls is considered Strenuous.

I’ve got about 45 days to prepare for my Mt Kilimanjaro Climb in June 2012. I’ve been training the last 5 months. But this last month, these 45 days are crucial. I’ll be doing more stair master, bike and treadmill to get my cardio in the best possible condition for the climb.In order to do that, I’ve got to turn up the INTENSITY and TIME I spend in the gym.

If you like hiking, Mary Jane Falls on Mt Charleston is a beautiful hike. It will take you a couple hours, but it’s worth it! AND the view is SPECTACULAR!

I plan on going up to Mt Charleston once a week until I leave for Africa June 17, 2012. Feel Free to leave a comment…

Keep Being Brilliant,

PS – I LOVE my PROPET Hiking Boots! I have been breaking them in at the gym, but this was the first climb with them and they are AWESOME!!

My Glucose Number This Morning…

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My Glucose number, 104,  was on the higher side this morning. I usually wake up with my glucose numbers between 75-95. Even though 104 is a bit high for me, i am not concerned. My glucose numbers fluctuate. I was busy at events all weekend and didn’t work out at the gym. So, I will just keep a close eye on those numbers.

Weight: 285 lbs
Glucose: 104:
Blood Pressure: 130/80


Robby LeBlanc

Robby Le Blanc To Perform and Speak in Park City Utah!

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 April 13, 14, 2012  Robby LeBlanc will be Performing and Speaking in Park City Utah at to SAM Event. SAM stands for Speakers, Authors and    Marketers.

  It was at the SAM Event last year that I shared my health story and talked about being on the Oprah Winrey Network for the mini docu-seris, “Addicted To Food”.This year I get top play a bit of music and share about Climb For Charity and the Mt Kilimanjaro climb! This is a very unique group of entreprenuers.

 If I get some footage of the event, which I am planning on, I’ll be sure to post it on the

The SAM Event os this Friday and Saturday but I also got a last minute Speaking/Musical Performance in Salt Lake City on Sunday Morning. This performance on Sunday is open to the public. As soon as I get an address, I’ll make sure to repost here on the blog.

Have a Great Day,
Robby LeBlanc

Good News…My Glucose Numbers Are Down!

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My glucose numbers have been AWESOME lately! This was my number before I went to bed last night.

I am really curiuous as to what my numbers will be in Mt Kilimanjaro? Will the high altitude effect my numbers? If so, by how much? Then again I will be working really hard climbing during the day, plus, I will be eating and drinking more than usual.

I will make sure to get a photo of my numbers at the Sumitt of Kilimanjaro!
That’s all for now.

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

Climb For Charity – Why Climb Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity?

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Below Robby LeBlanc Created a Short Video Explaining, “Why Climb For Charity?”  And… “Why Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?”

Please feel free to leaver a comment at the end of the climb for charity video.

Help me spread the word about If you know someone in the MEDIA that could interview me, please let me and them know! Thank you in advance. 

No Chips – No Dip!
Robby LeBlanc

P.S. – A special Thanks to Sergio Chavez for his editing expertise with this video.

It’s Weigh In Monday’s – March 12, 2012

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Yes, It’s “Weigh in Monday’s” again and It’s Been a GRUELING Week!

I’ve been fighting off the FLU/ Cold since climbing the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Las weekend. I don’t know where I caught the cold but by Tuesday after the climb,  I was having the sweats, caughing and a sore throat. In the midst of this, I had to play 3 gigs! I have never cancelled a gig due to being sick in my 35 years of playing guitar. This is the first time I had considered cancelling, but, I was already paid for the gigs, so I had to play. It all worked out.

Here Are My numbers For March 12, 2012:
Today’s Weight – 286.6
Blood Pressure: 122/78
Blood Glucose – ?

I seemed to have misplaced my glucose meter. If id don’t find it in the next day or two, I will have to get another FreeStyle Meter by Abbott.

See You Next Monday for Weigh In Monday’s!
Robby LeBlanc


Climb For Charity! Robby LeBlanc Climbs The Stratosphere Hotel Casino For The American Lung Association

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On March 3, 2012 Robby LeBlanc Climbed 1,455 Stairs at the Stratosphere Hotel Casino For The American Lung Association Climb for Charity Event Called “Scale The Strat”.

climb for charityI climbed the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Stairs on March 3, 2012 for charity. There Stratospher Hotel Casino has 108 Floors and 1455 Steps! This event was organized by The American Lung Association. Out of the 400 people that registered for the Scale The Strat Climb,, I came in 186 place! My good friend Mark Smith flew in from out of town so we could climb the the strat together.

In October of 2011 I was at the gym working out when I saw this guy running full speed on the stair master! It was blowning my mind. I could barely do 3 minutes on the stair master without catching my breath. Even though I had done 2 half marathons, the Stair Master is a very different animal as far as exercise equipment.

Turns out, the guy running on the Stair Master knew my trainer Nancy Dickinson and came over to our group to talk with her. I told Nancy I wanted to be able to run on the stair master like this guy Randy. Randy said to me, “If you can walk on the Stair Master for 1 hour, you can climb the Stratosphere.”

I started training on the Stair Master and over the course of 2 months I was able to do 60- 75 minutes 3-4x a week on that bad boy! Then a few days before Christmas I had to have a hernia operation. I had to lay off training intensely until February 1, 2012. I didn’t know if that would give me enough time to truly train properly to climb the Stratosphere without hurting myself.  I was really excited but nervous about the climb.

Here is a short video over view from Robby’s “Scale The Strat ” Climb on March 3, 2012.

Climbing the Stratosphere Hotel Casino stairs is a huge confidence builder. I am really proud of my self for this accomplishment. This is another step in fighting Obesity and Diabetes. Now my focus is on training for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in June 2012. Climb for charity is just getting started!!!

See You At The Top!
Robby LeBlanc

Robby LeBlanc is Climbing The Stratosphere Hotel Casino March 3, 2012 For The American Lung Association

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Climb For Charity! Robby LeBlanc is Climbing The Stratosphere Hotel Casino March 3, 2012 To Raise Money For The American Lung Association!

climb for charityRobby LeBlanc is climbing for charity March 3, 2012. In preparation for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity in June 2012, Las Vegas Guitarist Robby LeBlanc will be climbing the Stratosphere Hotel Casino March 3, 2012 in Las Vegas,Nevada for the American Lung Association.

In my fight against Obesity and Diabetes, I know the value of lungs, healthy lungs! In order to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in June, my lungs will have to be in there healthiest state! My mother, Janet LeBlanc died ofCOPD. She smoked for years and it killed her.

What is Scale the Strat?
Scale the Strat is the American Lung Association in Nevada’s competitive stair climb. Individuals and teams will race up the Stratosphere Observation Tower inside staircase, while raising money to fund lung health research, education and advocacy in Southern Nevada.

Climbers will climb 1455 steps which equals 108 floors!climb for charity
Once the climbers are in the tower core, there is no exit point unless there is a medical emergency. Because of the unique location of the climb, special considerations need to be taken before you should register.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about climbing the Stratophere Hotel Casino. It’s 108 floors and 1,455 steps! I don’t expect to be breaking any records but I do expect to finish! The thing is, once you start climbing, you can’t turn around! If an emergency arises and a climber needs to stop, they have to climb to the next exit. They can’t climb down! 

I do know they will have emergency medical teams available, because this is a big deal! This is NOT a cake walk! As they say, you can have bragging rights that you climbed the Stratosphere. I know a lot of folks at my gym that are in a lot better shape and condition than me that say they are not in good enough condition to attemp such a climb. How do I know this, because I asked a number of them to climb the strat with me and they said NO!

Have I bitten off more than I can chew at this time in my training? Maybe so, but Im going for it!

PLUS…It’s a Climb For Charity, The America Lung Association!
Click Here NOW TO Go TO Robby’s American Lung Association FUNDRASING PAGE: 

This is a GREAT WAY to kick off this Climb For Charity Project.

I’ll See You At The Top!
Robby LeBlanc

PS – Feel Free To also Give to Vegas PBS Keeping Kids Fit Program and the American Diabetes Association.

I Booked My Flight To Tanzania Africa To Climb MT Kilimanjaro!

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Thanks To Propet Shoes, I Just Booked My Flight To Tanzania Africa To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity!

I leave Las Vegas June 17, 2012 to meet Werner Berger on June 19, 2012. Booking the flight makes this real! I sent an email to Werner letting him know I booked my flight and he said ” GAME ON”!  

This has been a dream and goal to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with Werner Berger since 2004. As I type there is a part of me that still doesn’t believe this is really happening. I can still remember that photo. I was just walking on the top deck of the ship in Tahiti at about 7 am in the morning. You could see dolphins swimming next the the ship. I looked up and there was Werner Berger.

It was at the moment that I asked Werner, ” If I Lose 100 pounds, could I climb Mt Kilimanjaro?” And He responded, ” If you lose 100 pounds, I’ll go with you young man!”I will never forget that moment. For five years Werner called me, asking if I had lost the weight in order to go climb Kilimanjaro with him.

I owe a BIG THANKS to Propet Shoes. They have not only become my shoe sponsor for the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb in June, but have also just paid for my airline ticket for the trip! They want to make sure I get to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and support this Climb For Charity.

There is a saying, it takes a village to raise a child. To expand on that idea, it also takes a village to help someone get their help back once lost. There is no way I could be making the health progress I have made without the help of several people and health professionals. It has truly taken a village for me to get my health back.  

‘I’ve still got a ways to go, but now I have incredible support. Propet Shoes is just helping me to fullfill a dream and for that I am so grateful! Climb for Charity is about to start gaining some momentum. Climb for charity  is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Hopefully over the next few months we should start seeing some real interest in this project. Fighting Obestity and Diabetes is a battle but together with our village we can make great strides!  

Until Next Time…
Robby LeBlanc

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