I Finished The Las Vegas Marathon!!!

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The Las Vegas Marathon was AWSESOME! There were Runners and Walkers from around the world here. At 44,000 registered people, this was the 3rd largest marathon in the USA, and I was part of it!!!

Last year when my friend Stu McLaren suggested I try a half marathon, I really thought he was nuts!¬† There was NO way I could do the full marathon, which is 26 miles, but the half marathon at 13.1 miles???? Could I actually finish a half marathon? Hmmm…

When I finished last year, I was an emotional mess. It was such a HUGE accomplishment. In that moment I finally felt like I got my life back. I felt a confidence I had not felt in years.

The Pre-Race happenings at the Sands Convention Center was very interesting and CROWDED! I met some old friends as well as some new peeps.

Fast forward to December 4, 2011. When I decided to register for the half marathon this year, it wasn’t a matter of if I was finishing, it was about having a plan and improving my time from last year.

This year I had a trainer, Nancy Dickinson, and a plan. What a thought, an actual plan. Last year my plan was to to not stop walking and to finish.This year I was focused on the race in 3 sections. Nancy broke it down into  the first 3 miles, then 7 miles then the last 3 miles.

I recorded my various speeds on my metronome and played them throught the race. Last year my average speed for the entire race was 3.3 MPH. This year, by the end of the race my plan was to average 3.6 MPH. Turns out I did a bit better and averaged 3.75 MPH!

In the last mile I found some “NEW” friends. The last mile is the HARDEST! I was wearing a shirt that read on the back”

Help Robby Fight
Obesity and Diabetes!

In that last mile, Linda Lewis Keeney from www.OneBraveThingaDay.com and a few of her peeps came up from behind me…

Linda asked, “Are you Robby?” I said “Yes I am.” One of her peeps ask me, Are you the Robby that was on the Oprah Winfrey Network and I again said yes. We became fast friends in that last mile!

It was an AWESOME Race! I had a BLAST!!!

Until The Next Race…

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

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