Robby LeBlanc’s “Phase 2 Health Transformation” Starts Today!

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Yes, Robby LeBlanc’s “Phase 2 Health Transformation” Starts today!
My top weight in 2010 was 360 pounds and my Diabetic A1c was 10.4.  By September 2011 I got my weight down to 278 Climb For Charitypounds and my A1C down to 4.6.  I hovered at that weight for about 2 months. Then I hit a few emotional bumps and started to gain a few pounds back. By December I was up to 290 pounds. Then I needed a hernia operation on December 21, 2011.

I wasn’t able to workout for 4 full weeks.Then on January 18, 2012 I started walking casually once again. No lifting of any sort, just walking.I felt grateful to be walking and moving again. I was really concerned that I was going to gain a bunch of weight during this recovery time.

One of the tools I use to help me with my food choices is attending support groups. The biggest thing I have learned in these meetings is, I’ve got to be honest with my self and others about food.Accountability is critical to my success.

Climb For CharitySo Here’s The Deal…
I finally got on the scale this morning. 294.4 pounds! I wasn’t thrilled but it is what it is. During my hernia recovery,it also became clear to me that losing weight is more about food choices than exercise. Yes, exercise is EXTREMELY important, but so are my food choices.

My goal is to lose 50 pounds by the time we go to MT. Kilimanjaro in June 2012; then an additional 50 pounds by December 31. 2012. That would make for a total of 160 pounds lost! I’ve only got 34 pounds to go to lose my first 100 pounds!

My battle with food is an ongoing experience.Some days are better than others, but the fact is,even though I still struggle, I am considerably more healthy and happy than I was 1 year ago. I am THRILLED and GRATEFUL that I got my life back! Today I finally had an intense workout and it felt great!

My “Phase 1 Transformation” started August 8, 2010 when I attended Shades of Hope for 42 days.

I view today, Febuary 1, 2012 as DAY 1 of my “Transformation Phase 2″. I will be putting together a workout plan this week with my trainer , Nancy Dickinson .This plan will include working out 6 days a weeks. In order for me to climb MT. Kilimanjaro in June, I need to be in the best shape of my adult life! I’ve got 4 and a half months to make this happen.

Throughout this journey until I leave for MT. Kilimanjaro, I will post on this website my weekly results, EVERY Monday! The good, bad and the ugly! I’ll post my weight, glucose, blood pressure etc… But I’ll also be post our fundraising efforts!

In the midst of developing better health I look forward to raising THOUSANDS of Dollars for Vegas PBS “Keeping Kids Fit”, and the American Diabetes Association.

As a community, we need to get into the fight to overcome Obesity and Diabetes! Thank you for supporting

I welcome your Comments…..

No Chips- No Dip- No Cookies-No Cake!
Robby LeBlanc


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Las Vegas Guitarist Robby LeBlanc is Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in June of 2012 To Raise Money For The Following Charities.

Hello world!

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