Why Kilimanjaro

In 2004 I went on a cruise in Tahiti with a group of people headed up by “Chicken Soup For The Soul” Co-Author, Mark Victor Hansen and New York Times Best Selling Author of “Multiple Streams of Income, Robert G Allen.
Robby on Cruise in Tahiti 2005
It was on this cruise where I met Werner Berger.

Werner Berger and Robby LeBlanc on Cruise in Tahiti
Robby LeBlanc and Werner Berger – (This photo was taken the nightr after his presentation)

The second night on the cruise,
we were invited to listen to this man by the name of Werner Berger talk about Health, Goals, and Leadership. I thought maybe it would be fun. I had no idea the impact this night would have on me.

Werner gave a life changing and  inspiring presentation to about 100 people onboard.He talked about his goals to climb the 7 Summits which includes, Kilmanjaro and Mt Everest. Werner is on a mission to save the world  by helping others get their health in order. As of this writing he has successfully climbed all 7 Summits including the bigg daddy, Mt. Everest! As a matter of fact, they did a documentary film about his Everest climb. He is the oldest man in North America to climb Mt Everest. He was 71 at the time.

The morning after his presentation, I saw Werner sitting on the upper deck. ( See The photo) I told him I was totally inspired by his presentation the previous night.

I asked him, “Where is Mt Kilimanjaro?” Werner responded, “It’s in Tanzania Africa”
Then I asked, “How high is Mt Kilimanjaro?”
He responded, ” Kili is 19, 340 ft.”.
“How long would it take to climb Mt Kilimanjaro?”
Werner said, “Between 5-8 days depending on how fast one climbs.”

I started thinking maybe this would be a great goal for me to accomplish.
Then finally I asked the question I really wanted to know…

“If I loose 100 pounds could I climb Mt Kilimanjaro?”Werner looked at me and said, ” If you loose 100 pounds I’ll go with you young man”. That was 2004.

I got started working out again and then ran into health problems. My blood pressure exploded to 200/140! Then I strained a ankle. Then banged my knee. I now know I was self sabotaging myself. When ever I’d start working out, I’d injure myself.

Werner called me every year for 5 years, asking if I had lost the 100 hundred pounds in order to climb Kilimanjaro. Year after year, I’d say, sorry, not this year. I felt like a GIANT failure Year after Year!
WErner Berger, Mark Victor Hansen , Robby LeBlanc on Cruise in Tahiti 2005
(Werner Berger, Mark Victor Hansen, Robby LeBlanc on Cruise in Tahit 2004)

Werner didn’t call me in 2009. I was so depressed. I felt like I let him and myself down. I really felt like a GIANT loser.

Fast forward Two Years to June 2011.
Werner called me and said” Robby I heard you completed 13 mile  half marathon. Is that true?” I said, “Yes Werner, It’s True!”
Werner then asked,
“When are we going to Mt Kilimanjaro?”

We agreed to meet in Tanzania, Africa and climb Kilimanjaro starting June 18, 2012!

I Still Have a Ways To Go On My Health.  I’ve Got Another 80-100 Pounds Still to Lose. Not having medical insurance makes it EXTREMELY challenging to get the appropriate medical help. However, as I continue to fight my way back to health, everything is looking bright again!
-NOW I have my confidence back. (Thank God)
-NOW I have a Trainer, Coach and Nutritionist.
-ONCE again I am so VERY GRATEFUL to be alive!

If I can inspire just one person with Diabetes, that they too can still have a Fun, Meaningful, and Impactful life, I would consider this project a SUCCESS!

If I can inspire just one OBESE person to take the steps to gain their health and life back, I would consider this a SUCCESS.

I’m climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for all those Diabetic and Morbidly Obese people out there that think there life is over. To quote Anthony Hopkins from his last movie called “The Edge”,“What one man can do, another man can also do!”

Werner Tells Me We Have a Few Spots Available if You’d Like To Join Us on This Once in a Livetime Trip!

See You At The Top!
Robby LeBlanc

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